If you’re wanting to make a real style statement, opt for the Ferro range with its unique and bold finishes. The handleless design of the Ferro range allows you to achieve a linear, minimalist style

Push the limits of your imagination by combining our ranges. Shown below, the Ferro, Zola & Rezana celebrate their simple construction by sporting a spectacular selection of finishes. Rezana, with it’s cross scratched timber finish, Zola’s matte finish & Ferro’s unique oxidised copper look.  

Ferro Specifications

Description Slab
Style Contemporary, Modern
Finish Painted metal
Design Handleless & Slab
Base Material MDF Plus
Door Thickness 18mm
Edge Colour As face – not weathered
Reverse Colour Colour match – standard paint



Styles to suit every taste

The Ferro range is available in 6 made to order colours (see below). These include Iron, Copper, Brass, Rusted Iron, Oxidised Copper and Burnished Brass.   

Ferro Painted Brass & Zola Matte Marine

Ferro Painted Copper, Zola Matte Marine & Rezana Stained Light Oak

Ferro Iron & Rezana Carbon Oak


Our carefully selected palette of paints and stains can be used in any combination to achieve just the right look for your dream kitchen.

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Kitchen colour match service

Colour Match Service

Have you seen that ‘just right’ paint colour for your kitchen that you simply must have? If so, our Colour Match Service will match it for you.

Just give us a call to place your order and provide a RAL (European Standard) or BS (British Standard) paint colour and we will match it, true to your specifications.

Does not apply to the following ranges: Dawson, Kelso, Kensington, Rezana, Windsor Shaker, Strada Gloss, Zola Gloss and Zola Soft-Matte.

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